about me

Hello there, I’m Isabel!I’m an Australian artist who originally started with illustration, but broadened my horizons to work with polymer clay and resin as well. My work revolves around my love for video games, tabletop roleplaying games, anime as well as cute and cool things.The little friend in my logo is a raspberry named Bellie, and pictured above are his friends!

commissions & customs

Currently closed, but commissions will open when I am more ready to take these on. In the future, I will offer illustrations, punch needling rugs and a range of clay creations, such as jewellery and trinket trays!Please feel free to explore the galleries to see examples of what I can make!

illustration gallery

clay gallery

rug gallery

caring for your items

Polymer Clay
- Each item is hand-made, and may show slight imperfections.
- Polymer clay can be a flexible and durable material, but do not bend or drop the item. Take care of them like you would anything else.
- Store your items in a clean and dry area when not in use.
- Keep them away from places where they can be scratched by harder materials.
- Keep them away from liquids – eg. perfume, chemicals, harsh jewellery cleaners, makeup.
- If the item needs cleaning, wipe with a soft cloth and water. For tough stains on polymer clay, use a q-tip and rubbing alcohol. With painted detailing or metallic leaf, do not use alcohol – it will affect the varnishes.
- Polymer clay is not food safe.
Air Dry Clay
- Though items made with air dry clay will be sealed with a varnish, keep them away from liquids.
- If the item needs cleaning, wipe gently with a cloth.
- Air dry clay is not food safe.
Brass Metal
- Brass metal can tarnish over time from oxidation. To refresh the look, water and soap can be used – but if it isn’t helping, lemon juice can be used instead.
Punch Needle Rugs
- Do not pull at the rug fibre. While the back is glued, pulling may loosen it.
- To clean, shake the rug out, or use a vacuum.
- The rugs are made of acrylic yarn, felt, monkscloth and adhesive. Handwash with cold water only as necessary.